Garden Shop Greensboro NC

Garden Shop Greensboro NC

Garden Shop Greensboro NC

Garden Shop Greensboro NC

Today, it seems like garden supplies are for sale everywhere! Walmart's, Lowe's, Home Depot, Bestway, Super G Mart; these are but a handful of the many places you can find garden supplies in Greensboro. To be sure; gardening has become very popular these days. At said locations, you can find a range of gardening supplies, such as rocks, mulch, ornamentals, annuals, and perennials. Still, nothing can compare to buying your garden supplies from a dedicated gardening shop.

If you want the best variety of garden supply products, then you must shop at the best garden shop in Greensboro, NC, which is Green View Landscaping. At Green View Landscaping, all we sell is garden stuff - premium garden stuff! Our name is recognized and trusted in Greensboro, and we have the widest variety to choose from, including the following:


Green View Landscaping has a large selection of rocks, including small filler rocks, as well as larger river rocks. We offer rocks for driveways, borders, patios, garden accents, and more.

Soils and Mulches

Sure, you could purchase soils and mulches by the bag full from a local grocery store. However, if you're looking to purchase by the cubic yard, then a garden shop like Green View Landscaping is a much better choice for you. All of our mulches and soils are manufactured by us to ensure the highest level of quality possible.

Perrenials and Annuals

Whether you want your perennials and annuals fully grown or in seed form, Green View Landscaping has you covered. We have a large plant selection for beginners and advanced gardeners - a selection that is simply unrivaled in Greensboro, NC.


If you need a shade tree for your yard or a row of trees to form a natural barrier on your property, Green View Landscaping is the best place to go if you live in Greensboro. We have small, medium, and large-sized trees available for purchase, along with a slew of tree varieties.

Of course, these are just some of the many gardening supplies that we offer. We also sell gardening tools. Stop by our garden shop in Greensboro, NC to see everything.

At Green View Landscaping, we have our own nurseries and greenhouses where we grow our own plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, and more. Plus, we can offer you hands-on expertise that your grocery store clerk doesn't have. Whether you need information about specific plants, garden supplies, or even help with planning your own landscaping project, Green View Landscaping can help.

Our Landscaping Services

One of the areas that really makes Green View Landscaping stand out is that we are a landscaping company. Not only can we provide you with the greenery and supplies that you need for your garden or landscape, but we can also deliver it to you and install it for you. Good luck getting that from Walmart's!

Contact Green View Landscaping today to learn more about our services or stop in any time during normal business hours.

Garden Shop Greensboro NC
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Garden Shop Greensboro NC