Cold & dark winter days keep us trapped indoors. It is all too easy to disconnect with nature. Warmer weather will be here soon enough though. A little indoor preparation now can save you from feeling overwhelmed when that spring fever sets in.

Walking thru the neighborhood after last month’s snow storm.


1) Toss it - Whether you store your tools & outdoor equipment in a shed, a garage or the back of your grandma’s jalopy, this is a great time to get rid of accumulated junk. Will you realistically find a way to reuse that leaky watering can or broken rake? Pinterest says yes, but realistically speaking...



2) Clean it up - Hopefully you ran the gas from your mower at the end of the last season. Good on you! Sweep out the shed, rehome spiders & empty the shop vac. Wipe down, sharpen & oil tools. It won’t take long and you’ll feel so much better.

Clean me!


3) Find it a home - If only we could have back all that time we spent looking for things. It would probably add months onto our lives. There are lots of storage and organization systems out there. Find what works for you & go with it

There’s the leaf rake I was looking for


Sorting irrigation parts at the shop


4) Plan it out - Reconnect with your property. Walk around and think about your goals. This is the time to dream big. If you could afford it all, what would you do? Write down your ideas & research. Many of our clients will work in stages. Certainly, any designer worth their salt can plan out this way & there’s no reason you shouldn’t as well.

The Orangery at Versailles -


5) Get it going - Even in the winter, Greensboro has many beautiful days. There is no reason not to take advantage & get yourself some piece of mind as well as a little vitamin D. The most successful yards and gardens all benefit from good preparation. So, before you stick those spring seedlings in the ground or plant grass seed, get your soil ready, refresh mulch, dethatch & aerate.

Orangery worker - nightmare or dream job?